Q: How do I use it?

A: Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before use. Insert one suppository into the applicator. Insert applicator into your vagina slowly. Push end of applicator until it fully deposits the suppository. Line panty with liners after inserting for easy cleanup. This is a Vaginal Suppository-DO NOT swallow. 

Q: Is the pill supposed to dissolve?

A: Yes it's supposed to dissolve. You can use it anytime of day but at night while you sleep is best.

Q: Will it work for me?

A: The suppository is designed to relieve symptoms of Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, and clear vaginal odor and discharge. Is you are suffering from any of these our suppository is sure to be effective and is 100% Natural. We recommend consulting with your health care provider prior to use. 

Q: How long does it take to receive:

A: 1-3 business days. We ship within 24 hours!

Q: When should I start feeling relief?

A: On average women feel relief within 1-2 days after using the suppository. We recommend continuing a treatment for up to 6 days.